Faraday rotation of photon wave packages by fluctuations of the magnetization

Marvin's paper published

Marvin's paper "Ultrafast spontaneous spin switching in an antiferromagnet" was published in Nature Communication! https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-023-43318-8 Congratulation!

Discovery of ultrafast spontaneous spin switching in an antiferromagnet by femtosecond noise correlation spectroscopy

Marvin A. Weiss, Andreas Herbst, Julius Schlegel, Tobias Dannegger, Martin Evers, Andreas Donges, Makoto Nakajima, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein, Ulrich Nowak, Takayuki Kurihara

Owing to their high magnon frequencies, antiferromagnets are key materials for future high-speed spintronics. Picosecond switching of antiferromagnetic spin systems has been viewed a milestone for decades and pursued only by using ultrafast external perturbations. Here, we show that picosecond spin switching occurs spontaneously due to thermal fluctuations in the antiferromagnetic orthoferrite Sm0.7Er0.3FeO3. By analysing the correlation between the pulse-to-pulse polarisation fluctuations of two femtosecond optical probes, we extract the autocorrelation of incoherent magnon fluctuations. We observe a strong enhancement of the magnon fluctuation amplitude and the coherence time around the critical temperature of the spin reorientation transition. The spectrum shows two distinct features, one corresponding to the quasi-ferromagnetic mode and another one which has not been previously reported in pump-probe experiments. Comparison to a stochastic spin dynamics simulation reveals this new mode as smoking gun of ultrafast spontaneous spin switching within the double-well anisotropy potential.