Join the AG Goennenwein!

for your Master thesis, Bachelor thesis or an internship

PhD projects

Unfortunately we have no specific open PhD projects right now.

However, if you want to do a PhD in our group please just contact Prof. Goennenwein directly to discuss further possibilities.

Master / Bachelor projects and internships

Master, Bachelor students and HiWis

We have a range of interesting Master theses, Bachelor theses and HiWi jobs during the year. If you are interested in doing your thesis or an internship, please contact Prof. Dr. Sebastian Goennenwein ( or any of the other group members. As is common in reasearch, topics are changing rapidly, so the website may not be completely up to date. We can also arrange a quick lab tour.

Selection of projects we are currently working on:

  • Electrically and thermally driven magnetotransport experiments in micropatterned thin films and heterostructures
  • Pure spin currents in magnetic garnet/normal metal heterostructures
  • Electrically detected spin pumping generated by ferromagnetic resonance
  • Magnon-phonon-coupling in electrically detected spin pumping
  • Design, construction and testing of a dipstick for magnetotransport experiments at cryogenic temperatures

Experimental techniques used:

  • Sputtering deposition*
  • Characterization of (magnetic) thin films including:
    • X-ray diffraction
    • scanning electron microscopy*
    • SQUID magnetometry
    • ferromagnetic resonance
  • Microfabrication of magnetotransport devices (lithography, etching and contacting)*
  • Low-temperature techniques
  • High magnetic fields
  • High-resolution magnetotransport measurements
  • Ultrafast optics
  • Magnetooptics
  • Numerical data acquisition and evaluation

(The devices for the techniques marked with an asterisk (*) are provided by the nano.lab.)