Sebastian's paper published

Sebastian's paper "Crystallization dynamics of amorphous yttrium iron garnet thin films" was published in Physical Review Materials! Congratulation!

Crystallization dynamics of amorphous yttrium iron garnet thin films

Sebastian Sailler, Gregor Skobjin, Heike Schlörb, Benny Boehm, Olav Hellwig, Andy Thomas, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein, and Michaela Lammel

Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) is a prototypical material in spintronics due to its exceptional magnetic properties. To exploit these properties, high quality thin films need to be manufactured. Deposition techniques like sputter deposition or pulsed laser deposition at ambient temperature produce amorphous films, which need a postannealing step to induce crystallization. However, not much is known about the exact dynamics of the formation of crystalline YIG out of the amorphous phase. Here, we conduct extensive time and temperature series to study the crystallization behavior of YIG on various substrates and extract the crystallization velocities as well as the activation energies needed to promote crystallization. We find that the type of crystallization as well as the crystallization velocity depend on the lattice mismatch to the substrate. We compare the crystallization parameters found in literature with our results and find excellent agreement with our model. Our results allow us to determine the time needed for the formation of a fully crystalline film of arbitrary thickness for any temperature.